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Sex Education Japanese Style - David Hendrikson
Sex Education Japanese Style
My Japanese girlfriend Shinobu sent me these pictures the other day. Do you think she's trying to give me a hint?

I thought the Japanese were so clever that their women would come with the arrows alreadeh drawn on. But I couldn't find any so I took out my marker pen and started to draw them on Shinobu.

Then she got all pisseh when I explained that I couldn't find the lines I'd drawn because they got lost in all her chubbeh bits, and had to draw on extra arrows pointing to where the lines were. I got lost at one stage and ended up following a promising looking line to her belleh button then started to rub it up and down instead of circles like the instructions.

Then she got even more pisseh when I drew circles on her boobehs, because the lines on the instructions looked even more complicated than the new blue pen ordering form I'd devised last month.

She eventualleh grabbed the marker pen out of my hand and drew some dotted lines and arrows on my ass instead. I hope she was onleh joking.

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