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Shinobu - David Hendrikson
I really love my new job! Only a few weeks after starting, I got invited to the company dinner dance at a really spiffy ballroom. All the guys kept on teasing me, saying things like "Gayvid, are you going to take your boyfriend?" Those rascals! I don't have a girlfriend, but I met this really nice asian girl Shinobu from accounts on the 2nd floor, and asked her to be my date for the evening. Of course, I am a good looker and a magnet for the girls! X-D

She's also the daughter of the boss of my department. Everyone thinks I dated her to get a promotion, but I just like her coz she's cute, with some nice chubs and a sweet wide ass ;-)

She looked really awesome on the night, with her makeup done nice and a black off-the-shoulder dress. I looked pretty cool too, although I wore a normal suit instead of a tuxedo, to show off my tie which everyone likes. They are always making comments about my tie, like "Nice tie, Gayvid!". Here is a picture of her:

The organizers were a real dickens and wrote her name as "Chernobyl" on the invitation. I know it sounds similar, but she's been working there for 4 years so they should know how to spell it! I guess they think she goes off with a bang and are jealous that I'm the lucky guy who got to date her!

We had a good time anyway and Shinobu was awesome! Her dad kept an eye on us all night! I guess he was checking me out as future promotion material ;-)

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