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When I Quit Teaching Grade School - David Hendrikson
When I Quit Teaching Grade School
It was November of last year when I decided to quit teaching. I had been supervising the kids in the playground at lunchtime when some of them started throwing buckets of sand out of the pit and onto the grass. I told them to stop and bent down to start scooping the sand back, when one of them tipped sand down the back of my pants. Then they all started calling me Mr. Poopy Pants. I waved my finger and told them "You little rascals, it's sand, not poop!", but one smartass kid with wavy blonde hair kept on saying I was Mr. Poopy Pants, and they all started pointing and laughing. He reminded me of a kid I used to always beat up on when I was at school, even though everyone else was scared of him. He even stole my "poopy pants" line! I hate kids, they are so immature. I decided there and then that teaching is not for me, so I packed up my stuff and quit. I'm in the process of looking for a job where I can work with adults in an office setting. Mature professional people like me, who have better things to do than spend their day calling people silly names. It's only a matter of time before I find that job! My dad put in a good word for me at Fujitsu.

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